Thanksgiving 5k
Movement from last deployment

Hello!  My name is Scott.  I am a United States Navy Veteran and Computer Science and Software Engineering student at the University of Washington, Bothell.

I am passionate about Veteran related issues and technology. I am the Secretary of the University of Washington Bothell Student Veteran’s Association, an officer of the Applied Computing and Machinery chapter, and active member of my academic community. I have a lot of experience supervising diverse groups of working individuals and teams across multiple specialties including software development, medical surveillance, quality control, logistics, and customer relations. I am proficient in object oriented programming with knowledge of Java, C++ and C# programming languages as well as git.  I have a proven ability to adapt to new surroundings and unexpected workloads and effectively use critical thinking to solve complex problems with a sense of urgency. 

I have a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Digipen Institute of Technology in Digital Art and Animation.  I am creative with a strong visual sense space and composition.  I love writing scripts in Unity and making small, fun games.

Throughout my career I have been recognized and have received several awards for outstanding personal, professional, and charitable achievement.